For the Love of Jeans


If jeans were never created, I would be pant-less…just kidding! But still that would be insane. I wear jean fabric of some sort almost every day! Denim goes with E-VER-RY-THING!!!! Skinny jeans, Flare jeans, straight legged jeans, etc.!! :)


Also jean vests are so adorable! They can go with anything and everything!! Any season too :) They are really cute over a sundress for summer, or over a cozy sweater in the fall! An absolute must have!


Denim of some sort can be meant for a casual chill day or dressed up and full on chic :) No matter what the vibe that you are sending out with your personal style, have fun with it and be you! :) because THAT is the most beautiful thing about you ~ being YOU. Now go out and get your jeans on! Because you do NOT want to be pant-less ;)

Love, Miss Bree


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