Portray It Perfectly


I am in love with Rompers!! They are such an easy and ready-to-go piece of clothing.

And yes, of course my favorite type of romper is the black kind :) It is so important to own a black romper or jumpsuit since, then you can wear whatever pop of color you want – with added accessories. Also you have the possibility to add an interesting print with a bag, clutch or belt.

Accessories are so important! It completes the whole look you are trying to portray for the day :) Fancy or casual, it is all possible with the romper.

The the two outfits below I have created to show you the different accessories and color choices that are fun to choose when wearing a romper.

Pop of Color by lovemissbree http://www.polyvore.com/pop_color/set?id=79201286

Dash of Pink by lovemissbree http://www.polyvore.com/dash_pink/set?id=79252810

With my surprise, of how much I do love Rompers and jumpsuits…I don’t own one!! So I am now off to go find one of my own! I’ve been in the process for quite some time in finding the PERFECT romper :)

Happy Monday!! :)

Love, Miss Bree


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