She Is Clothed


No worries! She IS clothed :) This is the perfect style tip to take, for everyone, but also to those who like showing off some skin but still wanting to stay modest. It is absolutely do-able :) and adorable! Showing off the shoulder with a slouchy sweater or dress is super cute and fun to try! Every slouchy sweater can turn into the off the shoulder look :)

Showing off the shoulders reminds me of Grease, in Grease Lightning :) with Sandy showing off her shoulders with confidence and fun! Especially with the spring weather arriving and in bloom, it is the perfect season to start :)


I love this look, the color AND the off shoulder cut! Very flattering and weather approved, now that the sun is shining :)


Little dresses like this can be found at I adore this site and everything on it!! Now only if I could win the lottery…. :) Go show off the shoulders you got:)

Enjoy the sun while it’s around!!

Love, Miss Bree


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