Beautiful Disaster


In a sense we are all beautiful disasters :) We will go through our ups and downs in life and also in looks. Sometimes the most beautiful treatment to do for you, is to not put so much makeup on, or even not using any hair appliances. That way you go out living your life confidant in who you are.


Everyone is unique in their own special way. EVERYONE! :) and nobody is perfect. When someone tries to be so perfect all the time, that is what makes their imperfections show. Once you have confidence in your own unique disastrous beauty, then people will start looking up to you in many ways. Confidence, beauty and strength.


I love expressing natural beauty through having my hair air dry instead of blow drying my hair. It turns out looking like beach waves, and that is so in, and it doesn’t damage the beautiful hair that God has given you. I mean I can say personally that I can’t live without my hair products and appliances and wearing makeup, BUT it is nice to take a break every once and a while, or at least give it a try.


Also when it comes to busy days, we are on the go 24/7 and are out the door fast in the morning. With this happening, these are the days where it is nice to grab the cute shirt and shorts combo. It’s easy, quick and cute! :) Along with those beautiful beach waves of yours, you’ll look like a summer’s beautiful disaster.

Don’t forget, that you are a beautiful disaster :)

Love, Miss Bree


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