Must-Have Bags


Bags are always around and with us everyday. I have started a collection of my own, purses and bags, a long time ago. Sometimes I switch bags every other day, but right now I am obsessed with this one certain bag. I have been using it everyday for maybe more than a month. It looks like a knock off Michael Kors bag (my dream bag) :):)


There are so many uses for bags. Travel, business and pleasure. Tote purse and clutch. Whatever it may be, pleasure is my favorite kind! A colorful clutch can make an outfit ten times better! A bag compliments your outfit to perfection, if picked wisely. Just have fun with it!! :)


I own many unique bags of my own, approximately 10-15. I keep collecting them too! At least I don’t have as many as pairs of shoes I own :) (I own over 100 pairs of shoes, lol) Ill talk more about my shoe obsessions later :) But right now, bags are all I’m thinking about!

Go start your unique collection now! :)

Love, Miss Bree


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