A Little Bit of Hippie


A hippie’s style is sacred. Ha, well in other words, an original hippy is pretty rare to find. Today everyone is trying to become like the past and present ‘original hippies’. Although some may fail, some do succeed into becoming the ultimate hippy, and they look good doing it! Here are some tips on how to pull off a hippy’s style.


When it’s warm outside and bees are buzzing-this is the time when everyone shows off their personal style for summer. Without them knowing, most lean towards a little bit of hippie style. Like highwaisted shorts, headbands, layered bracelets, flowy fabrics, floppy hats, wedges, strappy sandals, loaded with rings, baggy T’s, fringe, floral and you can’t forget the long wavy hair. It is almost like dressing up, but not as drastic as you would for a Haloween party :)

Have fun with it! Go out into the world and find your inner hippy!! :)

Love, Miss Bree


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